Edible City Gardens

At Edible City Gardens we believe that everyone can live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by creating edible and healing gardens that support the local community and wildlife. Through education, volunteerism, and special events, we aim to engage and empower a new generation of health-conscious leaders who draw inspiration from the natural world around us.

Our dream at Edible City Gardens is to empower every urban dweller to be able to have their own healthy healing edible garden and live a healthy sustainable lifestyle! We offer seminars, workshops and consultations on-line and in person, on how you can create your own Gardens of Babylon, and make your home a place to bring life, health and vitality to you and your family! Learn about urban chickens and bees and how to make the most of your own eggs, honey and fabulous nutritious greens! We have classes on Kitchen Pharmacy from easy to grow herbs and vegetables and Delicious and Nutritious recipes and demonstrations with these foods, see you tube.

Edible City Gardens has a model urban dwelling, City farm that is located right in the heart of the City of New Orleans in Old Jefferson. We are situated in The Old School House on Dakin Street, and as the name implies, we are indeed a school promoting healthy, healing, happy sustainable living. We researched the most state of the art latest growing technology for our hydroponic systems - (although the use of hydro/aeroponics have been with us since the Gardens of Babylon) we keep up with the new technology, and honor some of the oldest tradition on the planet. We have developed a real formula to empower every individual to be able to eat their their own produce easily and successfully, and with only a little more room, show how to incorporate their own chickens and possibly bees. We can share this vision through our workshops and personal consultations, on or off line. We believe in local roots and global visions. Get in touch to enhance your well being!

Hydro/Aeroponics Systems