Come Walk With Me

Come Walk with Me is written in a unique format that encourages the imagination of the listener or reader to Become me, walk as me, participating fully in this journey and share a part of a modern Medicine Woman’s life.

This book I write in humble recognition that we all have a story to tell and that there is always someone who will benefit from the telling of it. 

If I were telling this around a fire, I would ask you to close your eyes, use your imagination and let your ethereal body become one with mine while I take you on this journey. Sometimes I will guide you swiftly through a space of time, and other times I will stop to let you see, feel and hear everything, making an hour seem like a lifetime, letting you truly understand that every second is precious and full of life.

In the sweat lodge, a Native American purification ceremony, I engage people in telling their own tales. Many native peoples believe that all stories impart to the listener its own spirit, especially if the listener becomes the story. Everyone has something worth telling, and someone else in the lodge often finds comfort, inspiration or laughter from it.

The path to my becoming a natural healer and herbalist will lead you to participate in many adventures. You'll tour throughout Europe, become a singer, walk the Peruvian Inca trail, visit the Mexican pyramids, and study in the rainforest of Belize, the South West of America, and the mountains of Spain.

You will search for the a healing plant of the future in the Amazonian jungle, start charities in Africa and India that encourage the indigenous people to use their natural medicine, and discover your ability to see others’ souls. You will first apprentice, then run sweat lodges and lead vision quests. You will heal and be healed by many along the path, and will one day be known as a modern medicine woman.

I believe all of us are medicine people. Using the nurturing aspect of our beings, we all possess the ability to be healers. If we participate fully in life and allow it to touch and teach our souls, we are then able to learn from all experiences, find our own wisdom, and connect with a universal truth that is part of all spirituality and all religions.

I write this tale of my life as a true story, full of the spirit that makes even the ordinary experiences extraordinary, for that is how I see life. In this book I ask you to see through my eyes.

I have left out all names both to protect the privacy of those involved, and also to enable you to create your own characters. I speak only briefly of my family and friends, not wishing to expose their lives, but include them to allow you to understand the diversity of my life

I start each chapter with an inward journey, from either going into nature or meditating to seek the words that I am given. I share songs; most are my own words and melodies, though I am grateful for those who have inspired and shared with me.

If you find the truth in the extraordinary too much to believe, then simply use your imagination to enjoy this tale. It is not always necessary to fall off a horse to know the ground is hard; imagination is the key to expanding horizons unlocking other realms and experiencing the dream state.

You will share my sorrows and joys, both of which I have allowed to touch me fully. You will share my loves and losses, for I have loved deeply. Through these wonderful opportunities I have been allowed to grow, acknowledging my own abilities and those of others, and I have learned to walk in soul consciousness, discovering the beauty that life has to offer. I've learned how to listen to my higher self, even if I do not always follow the higher path as constantly as I should.

Life has been my school and my teacher. Although there have been many special teachers in my life, whom I acknowledge, I also believe that every person who I have met, including casual acquaintances along the way,  has taught me invaluable lessons. I am truly grateful to all those who have crossed my path for the lessons they taught, both the enjoyable and the difficult.

I am just another soul on a human journey, full of all emotions. Each of us has our unique personality. What a surprise and challenge that can turn out to be! I hope my journey, which will now become yours, inspires you. I hope that my insights may become yours, showing you that there is so much to experience in this lifetime, even in a single moment or day. I pray that my journey helps those of you who walk with me to live your own daily lives more fully, and to embrace the challenges of your experiences, so that you, too, can and will tell your story.

I thank all participants for having the courage to experience something different, for taking the time and using your imaginations to join me on this journey, keeping your attention in the present.  I ask only that you keep an open mind and a sense of humor. And I now offer you an invitation...Come walk with me.