Host a Super Seeing Workshop


Michele is looking for those who wish for a brighter future. Super Seeing shows how  through changing ourselves and nurturing our children, breaking limiting beliefs, achieving the miraculous!

Why Super Seeing?

Super Seeing exponentially Improves, Awakens and Nurtures

  • Concentration, Focus and Memory
  • Confidence and Enthusiasm
  • Academic Performance
  • Creativity
  • Expansion of the Mind
  • Compassion and Values
  • Intuition and Telepathy
  • Healing Traumas, A.D.H.D., and Select Disabilities 
  • Genius Potential
  • Problem Solving 
  • Extra-Sensory Perception
  • Super Seeing without our Physical Eyes
  • Awareness
  • Health


      Change your life and our children's to create a brighter world!                                                                                 


  • Find a minimum of 10-15 colleagues or friends wanting to learn Super Seeing as Educators, Parents or Guardians 
  • Find 2 or 3 children who would like to be initiated into Super Seeing with Michele (this can be the hosts child) who are willing to participate in the workshop.
  • Host Michele for 3 days
  • Find a suitable venue that can accommodate the workshop and organize. The venue can be the hosts or someones living room or garden with cover. 
  • Provide snacks and water for the workshop, participants bring their own lunch.

What you will get:

  • The great benefits from Super Seeing
  • FREE 2 1/2 day workshop 
  • Yours or a friends child's initiation with Michele 
  • The workshop manual that covers all aspects of this program
  • Access to Super Seeing Community
  • Trouble shooting with Michele or Colleagues
  •  The knowledge that you are truly making a brighter future for you and our children!

COST: May 2018 subject to change $600 dollars U.S. or equivalent 


Being a qualified Natural Healer, Herbalist and Teacher, Counselor for 30 years, Micheles definition of True Prosperity is; maintaining our Well-Being, Health and Happiness through mindfulness, what we think and what we do, balancing all our dimensions. She shows how to create, maintain wealth, health and happiness on all levels and the importance of how to live sustainably, positively touching all aspects of our lives and those around us. She sees life as a gift, knowing that no problem is insurmountable. 'If it’s a problem there is always a solution' you just may need someone to help you see it, even if it is to change the way we see it, and Michele inspires us to do just that!

She has founded and supported many international projects: & in New Orleans - educating on sustainable living, urban farming, raising consciousness in the City. In Africa, she founded a project educating sustainable health through sustainable living, H.E.L.P Hands-on Education for Life Project . She helped develop -  in India for getting funding for sponsoring, educating and feeding the children in many countries. - Her International project in was gathering an international community of Healers, Artists and Performers and organizing and creating Healing Arts Festivals in U.K. U.S.A and Spain. She shares with individuals, groups, corporations, and Events her knowledge through workshops and consultations globally. Born in New Orleans, she works all over the world, dividing her living between U.K., U.S.A. and Spain. You can now listen to her inspiring life story through her audio book, Come Walk With Me, available on Amazon, published from her own publishing company Claiborne Publications, that creates memoirs told in a very different way, where the listener becomes the author, giving an opportunity to feel the true richness of others lives. It also specializes in educational children's books training the next generation to be more mindful.

You can reach her at

Event Workshops

Michele will give your event a workshop/lecture that will inspire an audience, and enhance your event with subjects and demonstrations that create a buzz of joyfulness, leaving your public something to talk about! Call or email Michele when planning your event. She has also created many International Festivals and may be of help with your planning too!

Phone and Private Consulations

Michele shares counceling sessions with individuals  by phone or personally, coaching on True Prosperity and health in mind, body or spirit. If you are feeling that there is an issue in your life that needs to be resolved, be it relationships, physical well-being, work related, Spiritual growth or you just need to talk with someone, then book a session - it may change your life! Contact Michele on for more information

Group Workshops

If you have an organization, company or group of friends that needs to be inspired, anything from health to wealth, kitchen pharmacy,Urban gardening to planting our own positive seeds in our own life - then please call or email Michele for rates.